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The Challenge- Daryl Curran.jpg

The year 2020 held challenges with its many shutdowns, social distancing and isolation. 


What was an artist to do for fellowship and easel time?  Why, get creative! 

Curran, Daryl. The Challenge.

The Emerald Art Center presented an exhibit  by the "Plein Air Pandemic Painters".

They sketched and painted their way from May until November at such locales as the Owen Memorial Rose Garden, Hendricks Park, Mt. Pisgah, the 5th Street Market, and other scenic spots that captured their creative fancy, as well as some delightful back yards.


They are delighted to share a sampling of their art with you. 

Featuring the artworks of: Ellen Gabehart, Mary Blazy, Nancy Gowins, Lydia Habr, Julie Falla-Hagood, Eva Martin and Merideth Ferrell.

Also shown was a retrospective of paintings from featured member, Daryl Curran, guest artist, Gary Griffith as well as many new work from members of the Emerald Art Center!

The Potter's Village-Daryl Curran.jpg

Curran, Daryl. The Potter's Village.

Gary Griffith.jpg

Griffith, Gary.

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