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Showing March 6th to March 29th, 2024

Burroughs Arithmometer  - S_edited_edite
Burroughs Arithometer - Steve LaRiccia
Cyclone  - Joe Mross.jpeg
Cyclone - Joe Mross
Other Life 4 - Max Rink.jpg
Other Life 4 - Max Rink

The Emerald Art Center presents Museum of Techno Art (MTA) showcases art with technology or industrial themes, reflecting on the history of human invention, retrofuturism or imaginative machines of the future.

Featured artists will include: Joe Mross, Barbora Bakalarova, Max Rink, 

Steve La Riccia, Rob Bolman, Neil Conner, Paul Brown, Don Myers, Jud Turner and Renee Turner.


The MTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is seeking funding to expand in the future. Memberships are available, and donations are welcomed.

Also showing are featured EAC members:

Jo Dunnick, Sarah Bloom Kinser, & Shirley Reade

Shirley Reade's show focuses on beautiful coastal scenes  while vacationing around the world! She took over 400 reference photos of the sea and birds. Used traditional painting techniques, she has also branched out to multimedia by adding sand, shells and driftwood found while walking the gorgeous beaches.


Jo Dunnick will be showing: "Color And Water... Tell A Story"

When you add just a little water to watercolor paint you can create images that may be intriguing, playful, or even emotional... and often offer a story to be interpreted by the viewer. When looking at the same image it is not uncommon for two viewers to offer different back stories because their life experiences shade their vision of the image or they may see things that she never saw or intended.
The images she's placing in this show are ones that are dear to her.... that have come to her through time and patience or have “magically” appeared and she just happened to be holding the brush. She hopes you enjoy this collection of “stories”... whatever they might mean to you.


Sarah Bloom Kinser is showing "Landscapes of Oregon"

Up-cycler, "Dreamer", creator of her own sunshine, Sarah is showcasing a selection of her acrylic landscapes depicting Oregon.  When she is not in her studio, Sarah brings her art to Archery Elk Camp in September and enjoys painting on her boat along local rivers during the spring and summer months.

In her professional endeavors, Sarah offers Mobile Paint and Maker Parties across Lane County and neighboring cities, collaborating with venues like the Emerald Art Center. Interested individuals can find her classes scheduled every first Sunday of the month. 

Treasures of the Deep - Shirley Reade.jpg
Treasures of the Deep by Shirley Reade
Burdens - Jo Dunnick.jpg
Lone Sentinel - Shirley Reade.jpg
Riding With The Spirits- Jo Dunnick.jpg
Lone Sentinel by Shirley Reade
Burdens by Jo Dunnick
Riding with the Spirits by Jo Dunnick
Morning Hunt - Sarah Bloom-Kinser.jpg
Morning Hunt by Sarah Bloom Kinser
Abiqua Falls - Sarah Bloom-Kinser.jpg
Abiqua Falls by Sarah Bloom Kinser
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