This Month's Exhibitions 

The Emerald Art Center presents "Illusional Behavior"
(A Surreal Escape from Reality) 

by Paula Goodbar

My Blue World- Paula Goodbar.jpg
Chasing Time- Paula Goodbar.jpg

My Blue World- by Paula Goodbar

Illusional Behavior - Paula Goodbar.jpg

Illusional Behavior- by Paula Goodbar

Chasing Time- by Paula Goodbar

Plus Featured EAC members showing “His & Hers” by married couple Christopher Mackay and Merrilea Jones

Phantom of the Opera- Chris Mackay.jpg
Ebb & Flow- Merrilea Jones.jpg

Ebb & Flow- by Merrilea Jones

Phantom of the Opera- by Chris Mackay

Also showing is artwork from students of the Light's Summer Art Camp at EAC,

as well as new work from members of the Emerald Art Center

August 4th through August 27th, 2021