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 This Month's Exhibitions 

The Emerald Art Center presents "Illusional Behavior"
(A Surreal Escape from Reality) 

by Paula Goodbar

September 1st through September 24th, 2021

My Blue World- Paula Goodbar.jpg
Chasing Time- Paula Goodbar.jpg

My Blue World- by Paula Goodbar

Illusional Behavior - Paula Goodbar.jpg

Illusional Behavior- by Paula Goodbar

Chasing Time- by Paula Goodbar

And Debby Neely showing detailed and emotive woodcuts of Pacific Northwest wildlife

Across Deer Harbor by Debby Neely.jpg

Across Deer Harbor by Debby Neely

mandala-#8-Jeremy Pickett.png

Mandala #8 by Jeremy Pickett

Lynx by Denise Zanetta.jpg

Lynx by Denise Zanetta

Plus Featured EAC members Denise Zanetta and Jeremy Pickett. 

Denise is showing colored pencils drawings of animals and flowers. 

Jeremy uses the Primacy of Line and Gaze for direction and narrative, through the lens of pop art, cartoons,
and satire he tells whimsical stories of people and their friendships. He is showing selected new work
including art from an "adult coloring book" entitled "Second Renaissance Modern Mandalas".

Also showing is artwork from students of the Light's Summer Art Camp at EAC,

as well as new work from members of the Emerald Art Center

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