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March 9th through
April 1st, 2022

Into the Setting Sun-by Shari Hulse.jpg

Paintings by 

Shari Hulse

The age-old connection between horses
and humankind is the inspiration for her art.

Navajo Wrangler-by Shari Hulse.jpg

Into the Setting Sun by Shari Hulse

Navajo Wrangler by Shari Hulse 

"Same Difference" by

Eugene Darkroom

Touch by Adrienne Turner_edited_edited.j
_The Power and the Glory_ by Paul Halpern.jpg

"The Power and the Glory" by Paul Halpern

"Touch" by Adrienne Turner

Photo by Barbora Bakalarova.jpg

Plus: EAC featured members: 

"Inspired" photographs
Barbora Bakalarova

and "Recent Works" 

by Gregory Hayes

Photograph by Barbora Bakalorova 

Painting by Gregory Hayes.jpg

Painting by Gregory Hayes

Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.

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