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Earth Melodies- Ellen Gabehart.jpg

Gabehart, Ellen. Earth Melodies. 2021

Tropical Fusion - acrylic by Stephany Harrison.jpg

Harrisson, Stephany. Tropical Fusion. 2021 acrylic.

Merideth's work is hand-painted silk wall hangings of the Dance of Life in the times of the COVID pandemic. Stephany Harrison features work that represents her transition from working monochromatic graphite to the loose and fun world of colors and the freedom to play in the Tropical Fusion.

Featuring the works of EAC members, Ellen Gabehart and Merideth Ferrell in the July show, "Music and the Dance of Life"!  Ellen's work captures the life of musicians and their music in watercolors. 

Meredith Ferrell- Still Distant. . . But Waking to Each Day.jpg

Ferrell, Meredith. Still Distant ... But Waking to Each Day. 2021


JUNE 30 - JULY 30

Showcasing select pieces from the PhotoZone Gallery: witness the tranquility of life in the works of Cliff Coles, Bryan Andresen and Linda Devenow.

Experience a world far from here in the David Simone collection: "A Glimpse of Cuban Life". 

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