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Showing December 5th to January 5th, 2024

Weese poster.jpg

Guy Weese is showing a fifty year retrospective of his photography. Besides a unique eye for photographs,

he also has a unique attitude of gratitude towards photography. While not taking his role as photographer

too seriously, he considers each photograph a celebration, appreciation of life, as well as, a moment of

worship to the beauty and wonderment of our amazing world.


Through the lens of his camera, he sees sacred places and the spirit of the animals and human beings he photographs. His goal is to “capture the moment” and show viewers something they have never seen before.

He also combines images sometimes to accomplish this...


“Photography has been a visual diary for me. There are lots of spiritual elements to it ... to capture a moment ...

a moment that’s here, then gone (and not repeatable ever again). It’s a mysterious way of trying to 

‘capturing time’ while time is passing..”  Light On...

Photography at Oregon website

Also showing are featured members, David Becker and Alaina Shea

David Becker welcomes you to his world of imagination and surreal photography! His main objective is to test his ability to twist reality while creating believable photographs. Through his work, he strives to transport the viewer into a mysterious, surreal world of imagination. Each image tells a unique story, some inspired by real-life experiences, and he often incorporates humor. Some of his photos also aim to raise awareness about environmental issues, such as global warming. David is a self-taught photographer living in Eugene, Oregon. After years of working with traditional media Pen and Ink, he now loves to be creative in the digital darkroom, expressed through photography, drawing, painting, and photo manipulation.


Alaina Shea is showing  "Flowers, Faces, and Places". Alaina has dreamed of being an artist since she was eight years old. Watercolor has fascinated her for years, and after exploring this medium for the last few years, she has begun dabbling in acrylic, as well. Alaina is fascinated by faces, flowers, and has a love of Italy that has led her to travel to Sicily the last two years for inspiration and education in painting. This is Alaina's first art show !

Spot Mountain Sunset by Guy Weese.jpg
Spot Mountain Sunset- Guy Weese
Run 3 by David Becker.jpg
Peace Years.tif
Peace Years - Guy Weese
After Xmas 3- David Becker.jpg
After Christmas 3 by David Becker
Run 3 by David Becker
Spezie 2023 by Alaina Shea
Quinn 2022 by Alaina Shea
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