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Showing November 1- 26th, 2022

Edwin Coleman '97 by Paul Neevel.jpg
Grand Canyon '04 by Paul Neevel.jpg
Heading 6

Edwin Coleman '97 by Paul Neevel

Grand Canyon '04  by Paul Neevel

george hitchcock '93 by Paul Neevel.jpg

George Hitchcock '93 by Paul Neevel

Paul Neevel "60 years of Photography"

A selection of photographs from 60 years including landscapes, nature details (rocks, trees, rivers, earth and sky), and portraits of friends and other happening people.

Also showing are featured EAC members: 

Barbora Bakalarova,

Karen Hubbard and Cindy Marychild.

Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.


Kingfisher by Karen Hubbard


Dunes #3 by Cindy Marychild


Wrinkle Twins by Karen Hubbard

Frames of Mind by Barbora Bakalarova.jpg

Frames of Mind by Barbora Bakalarova

SunrisefromMcKenzieHighwayby KarenHubbard.jpg
The Vision by Barbora Bakalarova.jpg

The Vision by Barbora Bakalarova

Sunrise from McKenzie Highway by Karen Hubbard

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