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Showing January 10th to February 2nd, 2024


The Emerald Art Center presents a group show from members of the PhotoZone Gallery. PhotoZone is a collection of diverse individuals interested in the craft of fine art photography. The group was formed in 1988 and has had a wide variety of gallery locations in Eugene/Springfield. Genres include landscape and nature photography, documentary styles, abstract expression as well as portraiture and pinhole photography. Experiencing this group exhibition, viewers can see many types of prints including traditional silver prints, images made from digital capture, collaged prints, platinum/palladium, gum bichromate, hand-colored and airbrushed prints.

Also showing is featured member, Holly Sampson

“Complex Simplicity: The Artistic Journey of Holly Sampson”

Welcome into the captivating world of Holly Sampson, a visionary artist whose work
transcends boundaries and invites viewers into a realm of vibrant emotions, intricate
details, and boundless imagination. Born with an innate passion for artistic expression,
Holly has emerged as a distinctive force in the contemporary art scene, weaving a
narrative that seamlessly blends complex with simplicity.
Formally trained at Memphis State University and Mt Hood CC, Holly honed her skills
under the guidance of mentors like the late David Selleck who recognized the unique
voice emerging from her canvas. Influenced by a myriad of artistic styles and
movements, Holly seamlessly integrates elements of real objects into her work, creating
a signature style that defies categorization.
A keen observer of the world, Holly explores a wide range of themes in her art, from the
beauty of a bare tree to the complexities of spiritual emotion. Each brushstroke and
color choice is a deliberate expression of Holly's desire to evoke thought, stir emotions,
and spark conversations. Through a harmonious blend of Watercolor, Oils, Acrylics, and
real objects, Holly transforms canvases into portals that invite viewers to explore the
depths of their own perspectives.

Art by Holly Sampson.jpg
Art by Holly Sampson
Forest Mystique #2- Don Myers.jpg
Forest Mystique #2 - Don Myers
Painting by Holly Sampson.jpg
Painting by Holly Sampson
The Red Door - Richard Hassett.jpg
The Red Door - Richard Hassett
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