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Show dates are February 7th to March 3rd, 2023

Also showing are featured members Rayne Pelham, Alison Hennes,  and Edward Teague.

Rayne Pelham is showing beadwork with painted acrylic backgrounds.

The theme of this series is "Native In Oregon." These detailed pieces are all works designed and created by Rayne, a native, artist, and retired educator living in Lane County. Her works are themed around her heritage and growing up in the Pacific Northwest. The most exciting part of her artistry is that these works are almost entirely done by hand stitching beads that are about a millimeter in width to canvas! Hours of time and attention go into every piece to create marvelously detailed works of art!             Website:


Alison Hennes' subjects are primarily animal and nature scenes, representational and whimsical art of ink drawings, ink and watercolor pens, and watercolor.  She hopes her art stirs your imagination, gives you a feeling of joy and perhaps awakens a little bit of the child in each of us.


"Frozen Roses," by Edward Teague. When the bloom season of roses nears its end, and an early frost occurs, roses transform to a different kind of beauty.  Edward has often photographed the rich variety of shapes, patterns, and textures that emerge in the final stages of the blooms, quite different from the cultivated blossoms of the flowers in their prime. In the past year, using acrylic mediums, Edward has employed 13 of these photographs as the foundation for painted portraits of each unique flower. With painterly expressionism, the resulting images portray the flowers that can be characterized variously as elegant, wistful, joyful, athletic, and even raucous. In the painted photographs, the roses are again transformed, frozen in time by the magic of art, while respecting the impermanence and transience that they also envision.

Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.



The Emerald Art Center presents a group show from members of the PhotoZone Gallery. PhotoZone is a collection of diverse individuals interested in the craft of fine art photography. 

The group was formed in 1988 and has had a wide variety of gallery locations, including most recently

as part of New Zone Gallery in Eugene. Genres include landscape and nature photography, documentary styles, abstract expression as well as portraiture and pinhole photography. Experiencing this group exhibition, viewers can see many types of prints. These include traditional silver prints, images made from digital capture, infra-red, platinum/palladium and more. (The PhotoZone January show has been supplemented and extended...)

PNW Bear-Rayne Pelham.jpg

PNW Bear by Rayne Pelham

Giraffe-Alison Hennes.jpg

Giraffe by Alison Hennes

Frozen_Rose_No7-Edward Teague.jpg

Frozen Rose #7 by Edward Teague

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