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Show dates are June 6th to 30th, 2023

The Emerald Art Center presents: MANDALA: A Transformative Journey

Janet Nelson - Heroine’s Journey Mandala.jpg

Janet Nelson - Heroine’s Journey Mandala

Sandi O'Brien - Dream Mandala.jpg

Sandi O'Brien - Dream Mandala

Mandala: Transformative Journey, is a display of sixteen mandalas by six
women. Three of the early paintings were done under the instruction of
LiDoña Wagner, who followed the tradition of earlier teachers. The others
were facilitated by Sandi O’Brien, a former student of LiDoña’s. Students in
this show include Sue Teutschel, Pam Horn, Janet Nelson, Laura Tylor and
Carol Jeffers. Each work was completed over a period of eighteen months
to four years (the most recent done during covid years). Students followed
a Jungian self-exploratory process, with much meditation and journaling ,
carried out within a supportive group. The earliest mandala, done by Sandi
O’Brien was begun in 2000. Sandi has facilitated the last 4 mandala
The structure of each mandala is based upon the traditional Tibetan
Buddhist format: a squared circle in the center surrounded by concentric
rings, each of which has a separate meaning. Two types of mandalas are on
display: Dream Mandalas and Heroine’s Journey Mandalas. In Dream
Mandalas the narrative ring is based upon each person’s dreams during a
specific period of time. In the Heroine’s Journey Mandalas, the narrative ring
is based upon the ten stages of a woman’s life as presented in the book,
“The Heroine’s Journey: A Woman’s Quest for Wholeness” by Maureen
For questions or further information contact:
Sandi T. O’Brien

Plus shows by featured members, Christine Gherardi: Past lives, Parallel Worlds,

A Well Watched Movie and Incredible Stories in various media and

Sarah Bloom Kinser: Creator of My Own Sunshine in watercolor and acrylic.


Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.

 The Frozen Flight - Christine Gherardi.jpg

 The Frozen Flight - Christine Gherardi


Intention by Sarah Bloom Kinser

The Story Pot - Christine Gherardi.jpg

The Story Pot - Christine Gherardi


Beauty in Bloom by Sarah Bloom Kinser

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