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Showing July 5th to July 29th, 2022


The Emerald Art Center presents the

32nd Annual PhotoZone Juried Photography Show!

This fine-art photography show is sponsored and juried by members of the PhotoZone Gallery from entries by local/Oregon photographers.




































Plus: “Learning to Paint Landscapes in Oils” by

featured EAC member, Damon Mitchell.


Damon Mitchell is a native of the beautiful state Oregon and lifelong student of many interests. He has helped form a continual artistic bent which inspired his latest endeavor. Over the past few years he has been able to address the longtime desire to practice and hone his painting skills, which has resulted in the work that will be shown. The art is based primarily on environmental landscape photos he has taken and is a small sampling of the work he has done over the course of the last few years during a weekly art confab with his good friend and mentor Nik Skoog, who he is honored to share the adjoining wall with in this show at the EAC.

This represents only a fraction of his artistic endeavors over time, all of which are informed by a broad spectrum of creative exploration and range across many mediums. They include photography, sculpture, cooking, landscaping, industrial design, graphic design, art education, mechanical restoration, digital modeling and illustration. He feels all of these interests have helped in forming his modest painting ability seen in this latest creative exercise. 


He proposes a visual dialogue occurs when observing art, which helps reinforce common threads in the human experience and is a language, so to speak. He hopes you enjoy his work, as he shares his painted perceptions of nature.


Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.


Eucalyptus Tree by Damon Mitchell.jpg
Deschutes River by Damon Mitchell.jpg

Eucalyptus Tree by Damon Mitchell

Deschutes River by Damon Mitchell

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