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Showing April 3rd to 26th, 2024

Painting by by Shelley Roenspie
Painting by by Shelley Roenspie

The Emerald Art Center presents:  "Variety is the Spice of Life" by Shelley Roenspie.  "With each painting, I expect to express beauty through a style of color and form that will shine through in my paintings. I appreciate a large canvas. I enjoy making a bold statement. The goal of my paintings is to capture the uniqueness of each subject. When I have risen to this moment, I know I am finished. I love shiny, sparkly bright and unusual wild expressions. This showing includes huge abstracts, colorful small abstracts, eerie landscapes, florals, soothing ocean scenes, and sparkling trees! When Jim retired from teaching, Jim and Shelley became partners in this art project. I do the painting and Jim frames and glazes the art. Since Jim's been glazing the art, it enables me to use glitter, gold leaf, and crazy wild colors with the exact look I wanted on my art. Please come out and enjoy my wild, crazy collections of over the top cool paintings!" 

-Shelley Roenspie-

Plus we are excited to exhibit a selection of youth artwork from the Cascades Raptor Center's Raptor Art Challenge. The portraits, created by students grades 2-12, depict Osprey and Turkey Vultures found in our Pacific Northwest landscape.

All artwork is 2-D and will have labels and signage with more information on the project and participating students. We will also be including raptor portraits from EAC member Melanie Pearson's elementary and middle school students.

Youth artwork from the Cascades Raptor Center's Art Challenge.

Also showing are featured EAC members:

Bobbie Soshnick and Clair Coiner

 "TRAVELSCAPES" by Bobbie Soshnick are paintings that have generous brush strokes and heavy imposto to create a souvenir of her travels. She tries to capture the feelings, scenes, and movement of her first impression of the vistas. Bobbie graduated from the University of Oregon in 1979 and is a retired high school art teacher

She has always enjoyed extensive traveling and creating collage, paintings and assemblage.


 "Art From the Heart" by Clair Coiner

  Clair has been captivated by all mediums of art since childhood.She is a self-taught collage artist focusing on depth perception. She loves nature and it reflects in her work.

Her process for creating wax pastel art is unique and inventive coming from her life experiences. She scribbles colorful pastels onto paper and uses her fingertips to create the images.

Painting by Bobbie Soshnick
CURIOUS COW by Clair Coiner
RAIN MAIDEN #11 by Clair Coiner
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