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Showing June 7th to July 1st, 2022

The Emerald Art Center presents, "Garden of People, A Portrait of Cottage Grove" by Uyen-Thi Nguyen. This exhibit explores society and the labels we use to define it and each other. Using Cottage Grove as a basis for discovery, artist Uyen-thi Nguyen shares work from her recently published art book.

"This is a visually stunning it out and look at the details of faces, fingers, smiles on faces young and old. And also pause to read some of the voices telling you about the inner life of this Garden of People called Cottage Grove."- Sandy Brown Jensen, KLCC's Viz City 


"You have captured the true soul of the people within the book that I know, which is an incredibly difficult accomplishment. I have learned over the years that many beautiful portraits can seem exquisite to a stranger, yet not truly represent the person who is being painted. You have done both, and that is rare indeed. I love how the quotes have come out too: so raw and gritty and true, just presented as they are without need for interpretation or explanation." - Eric Alan, Author



Also showing are featured members Patti McNutt, Mia Furstner and Trish Krambeal.


ABUNDANCE”, by Patti McNutt is a collection of Still-Life work, created during the last two years in the studio or “en plein air” in the Eugene/Springfield area. Patti has been experimenting with composing vignettes from items found in her home and garden, under controlled as well as natural lighting situations. 


“Retrospective of a Creative Life”  by Mia Furstner.  Mia was born in Velp, a small village in the Netherlands in 1931. Always of a creative nature, she got into painting after she arrived in the United States with her family in 1967.  


The paintings shared here are mostly of the last few decades. Mia's paintings are of the photographs she has taken herself on her many trips through the country, the word, and locally. She continues to photograph locally and paint with a passion.

Interactive black light acrylic pour and more by Trish Krambeal.








                         Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.

Painting also by Uyen-Thi Nguyen.jpg
Painting by Uyen-Thi Nguyen.jpg
Opal by Uyen-Thi Nguyen.jpg
Garden Medley by Patti McNutt.jpg
Painting by Trish Krambeal.jpg
Painting by Mia Furstner.jpg

Garden Medley by Patti McNutt

Painting by Trish Krambeal

Painting by Mia Furstner

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