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Show dates are January 10th to February 3rd, 2023

Also showing is featured EAC member, kvn8r 

showing "Picture of Picture." 

Glitch art is a unique and fascinating form of digital art that is gaining popularity in the contemporary art world. It involves exploring and manipulating textures, patterns, and colors in a way that creates unexpected and often unsettling compositions. 

Meet kvn8r, the artist who is pushing the limits of technology and taking pictures of pictures to new heights. Known for his innovative use of Microsoft Paint and PowerPoint, kvn8r is a pioneer in the world of glitch art. In his piece entitled "milimiori," kvn8r  blows up the edges of digital pixels and contrasts them with the textured screen pattern of the hardware pixels on his TV screen. 

The result is a chaotic and scrambled image, with overlapping archs and geometry and what looks like alien writing. The high saturation colors fade and blur, creating hard edges that also bend with motion blurs. 

In his work, kvn8r  ursues serious artistic applications of these often-overlooked tools, using them to create unique and striking compositions. By manipulating textures, patterns, and colors, kvn8r is able to create unexpected and often unsettling images that challenge our perceptions of what is possible with these programs. 

But kvn8r's art is not just about technical proficiency. He also has a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the digital world, and he uses his work to explore the connections between nature and the digital realm. In his images, we see the pixelated beauty of an Aurora borealis, the intricate patterns of a leaf, and the vibrant colors of along a drive to Oakridge, all brought to life in a way that is both familiar and strange. 

By taking a closer look at the often-overlooked details of the digital landscape, kvn8r is able to create art that is both thought-provoking and visually stunning. So why not take a closer look at his work and see what hidden treasures you can discover?

Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.


The Emerald Art Center presents a group show from members of the PhotoZone Gallery. PhotoZone is a collection of diverse individuals interested in the craft of fine art photography. 

The group was formed in 1988 and has had a wide variety of gallery locations, including most recently

as part of New Zone Gallery in Eugene. Genres include landscape and nature photography, documentary styles, abstract expression as well as portraiture and pinhole photography. Experiencing this group exhibition, viewers can see many types of prints. These include traditional silver prints, images made from digital capture, collaged and 3-D prints, platinum/palladium, gum bichromate, hand-colored and airbrushed prints.

4 my mom (2) by kvn8r.jpg

4 my mom by kvn8r

brtny by kvn8r.jpg

brtny by kvn8r

milimiori (2) by kvn8r.jpg

milimiori by kvn8r

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