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Show dates are April 4th to 28th, 2023

The Emerald Art Center presents: 

"Mexico : Multicultural Beauty" by Isabel Lopez Dutroncy.

Isabel was born in Mexico City in a multicultural family, (French, Spanish and Native Mexican) which gave her a great appreciation and love for all cultures. As a child she spent many Sundays visiting museums, pre- hispanic ruins, the beautiful Moor influenced Catholic churches, with their ornate gold altars, paintings, and domes, as well as the Spanish and French buildings all over Mexico. She never thought how much I liked it until she took her husband to see many of these wonders, and told him many stories. He came up with the idea of her painting some of these amazing cultural treasures, to share with others. She hopes you enjoy the colors, the figures and the naivety of them all, they speak of many different backgrounds, they bring the past and the present mixed together in beautiful harmony now. The artwork is oil on wood with many custom tile borders.

Look into my Eyes by Isabel Lopez Dutroncy.jpg

Look into my Eyes by Isabel Lopez Dutroncy

Bernal de la Peña by Isabel Lopez Dutroncy.jpg

Bernal de la Peña by Isabel Lopez Dutroncy

Also showing is featured member: 
"One Artist, Many Sides" by
Robert Canaga

It will include his "Women in Stone" show and will have a VERY diverse array of his paintings, including oil and wax abstracts and acrylics. Making up for not doing art for years has made him explore all types of mediums and styles, from unrepresentative abstracts to slightly abstracted landscapes. He loves exploring and often will paint one painting in a particular style and never go back to that style again.

Constant Discovery by Robert Canaga.jpg

Constant Discovery by Robert Canaga

Imagined falls by Robert Canaga.jpg

Imagined Falls by Robert Canaga

Plus Chamber Music Amici (CMA) honors the winner of the 2023- 2024

Chamber Music Amici Art Commission: Chris Pontrelli


The works in this show represent a collaboration between Pontrelli and Amici. The aim has been to capture the sprit and exuberance of chamber music in a visual form. The five pieces will promote CMA performances in the ’23-’24 season.


In addition to using musical instrument forms, Pontrelli injects strong color, design and a playful sense of rhythm into each work – reflecting the joy and accessibility of CMA programs.


Chris is drawn to the power of simple icons generated by our society.He greatly admires the work of mid-20th century designers. Some believe they were taking cues from the jazz and bebop musicians of that same era. There is a quick, lightness to their forms – abbreviated, yet complete. It is with this visual shorthand that he expresses his own artistic vision.


Like many artists and musicians throughout history, he's fascinated by the comparison of the two genres. We hear of musicians and composers trying to “paint” melodies with color. And, we see artists striving to bring music into a visual form.


As a life-long musician he finds it natural to include qualities found in music when painting. Like a popular song he wants his artwork to have an accessible beat and a colorful rhythm. He strives to create motion where there would otherwise be stillness. With each piece he asks, ”can your eyes dance to this?” 

From Artistic Director Eunhye Grace Choi: "Chamber Music Amici hosts an art reception every year at the Emerald Art Center that showcases the artwork that has been selected for the upcoming season. Amici features these works of art in various ways, including in our poster, programs, and website. Instead of having different artists for each concert, as we did for the first 12 seasons, we started commissioning one artist to be showcased exclusively for each season. Amici is excited to celebrate local artist Chris Pontrelli for winning this year’s art commission. The reception will also feature students from the Willamette Violin Academy, to share their diligent work by performing a mini concert at this reception. 

This event is open to the public, and coincides with the City of Springfield’s Second Friday Art Walk; we encourage everyone to join and celebrate with us."

Image 2 by Chris Pontrelli.jpg

Image #2 by Chris Pontrelli

Image by Chris Pontrelli.jpg

Image #1 by Chris Pontrelli

Plus new work from members of the Emerald Art Center.

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