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Yopo Explored

Jun 1 - Jun 24
9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Combining Yupo (“plastic paper”) and watercolors may seem like a bad idea... BUT... they can actually play well together and create some incredibly fresh and unique images that you cannot acquire with any other surface or paper. This one-day class will concentrate on using a variety of techniques on/with Yupo to create interesting and vibrant “starts” that can become finished paintings.

During class we will create planned and unplanned starts. For a “planned” result, we would have an idea of what we wanted to create: maybe a waterfall, a red rock scene, an animal, a flower, or a building. For the unplanned start we would use techniques like a wet into wet background, a beaded wash, “twins” technique, or a dynamic wash.

Experience level does not matter. You just need to let the watercolors and the Yupo play together and “get out of the way” ... and know that if you don’t like where something is headed, you can take it to the sink and wash it off!


· June 24

· 9:30-3:30

· Early bird registration June 17 $60 (members and NON members)

· $75 member- $85 Non-member


Thoughtfully instructed by Jo Dunnick

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