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© 2019 Emerald Empire Art Association

Gallery Hours 11am - 4pm   Tuesday through Saturday

500 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97477

Two things I hear a lot:

Watercolor is so hard!” or “I want to paint looser!”


I see watercolor as versatile rather than difficult. It becomes “less hard” as you figure out how the paint and paper work together. You become “looser” as you experiment with different techniques (many of which defy control) like spray starch, straw, soap, bubble wrap, alcohol, “paint pushers”.  Using different types of paper can change the end result.


We’ll use a number of different surfaces to discover what they do.  Technique and paper are only half the story… the other half is “letting go”, letting the paint and paper take you on a journey and trust that it will be ok!

Tools For Your Watercolor Toolbox

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