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© 2019 Emerald Empire Art Association

Gallery Hours 11am - 4pm   Tuesday through Saturday

500 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97477

Small Treasures


Dec 3

Dec 28

Artwork by the members of the Emerald Art Center 

This month, two guests for our show:


Ann Mitchell is a photographer known for using the medium in an expressive and poetic manner. 

Her photographs have been included in a large number of solo and group exhibitions in the United States and internationally and have been featured in numerous publications. 

On Photography 

My mother is a painter and my father was a film-maker and, over time, I’ve come to realize that my photography...and my thoughts about the medium in general has been deeply influenced by both those artists. I’ve always seen photography as an expressive medium that plays with the “real” but is not bound by it. I want to create images that people can get lost it, that give the essence of a time or place in a way that speaks to the heart.

Ann Mitchell, 2019 


Website: www.ann-mitchell.com

Email: ann@ann-mitchell.com


Rhonda Lashley Lopez Nature is my salvation, my heart, my passion. I need trees like I need air. I love wild things, both flora and fauna. And I think of the Earth as a living thing, to be respected. And when I fly, I look down and see the scars we humans have made on this beautiful world — asphalt, smoke, gas wells, pit mines — and I am filled with shame and sorrow. And I think about how unhappy and isolated people are becoming, and I believe it is because we are separated from nature. We are meant to be part of the natural world, walking in the shade of trees and in sunny meadows and alongside streams, listening to birds and bugs and the wind, smelling the trees and plants, feeling the fresh air. And I guess that’s what I’m trying to communicate through my photos.

Website: https://www.lashleylopez.com